Opinions bot

This is a sort of poll bot for telegram, but allows user to set a custom answer.

Try it out here: http://t.me/opinions_matter_bot


The bot works in groups only.

  • Someone sends /new + message, e.g. /new what do you think? – start new poll

  • Bot responds to the command with a message and attached Inline buttons

    What do you think?

    no votes yet

  • Once a user replies to the question-message, the question-message is updated and new buttons are added. For example, after few replies the question-message may look like following:

    What do you think?
    * 33% It's good -- @user1
    * 33% Fine for me -- @user2
    * 33% Super! -- @user3
    3 Opinions
    [ It's good ]
    [ Fine for me ]
    [ Super! ]
  • Now other users can use buttons to express their opions or send send a new answer in the same way. Example:

    What do you think?
    * 30% It's good -- @user1, @user5, @user6
    * 20% Fine for me -- @user2, @user9
    * 40% Super! -- @user3, @user7, @user8, @user10
    * 10% It's not just good, it's awersome!!! -- @user4
    10 Opinions
    [ It's good ]
    [ Fine for me ]
    [ Super! ]
    [ It's not just good, it's awersome!!! ]
  • If user replies to a forwarded bot message, the bot will respond with the comment that explains how to use the bot.

As you see, the voting can be public only.


On creating AWS Lambda, you would need to set following Environment variables:

  • TELEGRAM_TOKEN=<telegram token you got from Bot Father>

  • LOG_LEVEL=<LEVEL> – DEBUG, INFO, etc. Set value to DEBUG on first run to create dynamodb table.

  • DYNAMO_DB_TABLE_NAME – Optional. By default opinions-bot


Create a bot

https://telegram.me/botfather – follow instruction to set bot name and get bot token

You may need to disable privacy mode to allow bot to send hints, when user tries to reply to forwarded message.

Prepare zip file

To make a deployment package execute following commands:

mkdir /tmp/bot
cd /tmp/bot

pip3 install python-telegram-bot pynamodb python_dynamodb_lock --system -t .
pip3 install git+https://github.com/whatnick/python_dynamodb_lock.git@90022293bd5afd353aeb309288a75e099cb63779 -t .
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/itpp-labs/chatops-docs/master/tools/opinions-bot/lambda_function.py -O lambda_function.py
# delete cache files
find . -iname __pycache__ | xargs rm -rf
# delete built-in or unused dependencies and files
rm -rf tornado* docutils* boto* six* s3transfer* dateutil* jmespath* urllib3*
rm cryptography/hazmat/bindings/_openssl.abi3.so
zip -r /tmp/bot.zip *

Create Lambda function


In AWS: Lambda service

Use Python 3.8

Permissions (Role)

In AWS: IAM service: Policies

  • Create policy of actions for DynamoDB:

    • ServiceDynamoDB

    • ActionAll DynamoDB actions

    • ResourcesAll Resources

In AWS: IAM service: Roles

  • Open role attached to the lambda function

  • Attach created policies

Function code

  • Use Actions > Upload a .zip file

  • Choose bot.zip


In AWS: Lambda service

  • API Gateway. Once you configure it and save, you will see Invoke URL under Api Gateway details section

Register webhook at telegram

curl -XPOST https://api.telegram.org/bot$TELEGRAM_TOKEN/setWebhook --data "url=$AWS_API_GATEWAY" --data "allowed_updates=['message','callback_query']"