GitHub Integration with IFTTT

Trigger Travis Success / Failure

Prepare IFTTT’s hooks

  • Log in / Sign up at

  • Click on Documentation button here:

  • Replace {event} with event name, for example travis-success-pr. Do the same for another event, for example travis-failed-pr and travis-failed-branch. Save the links you got.

Create AWS Lambda function

Create lambda function with following settings:

  • Runtime

    Use Python 2.7

  • Environment variables

    • GITHUB_TOKEN – generate one in . No settings are needed for public repositories.


    • IGNORE_BRANCHES – optional. List of branches separated by comma to ignore to notify.

    • LOG_LEVEL – optional. Set to DEBUG to get detailed logs in AWS CloudWatch.

  • Trigger

    Use API Gateway. Once you configure it and save, you will see API endpoint under Api Gateway details section. Use option Open

    Now register the URL as webhook at github: Use following webhook settings:

    • Payload URL – the URL

    • Content Type: application/json

    • Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?Let me select individual events and then select [x] Check runs

  • Function Code

Create IFTTT applets

  • If – Service Webhooks

    Use {event} from Prepare IFTTT's hooks of this instruction. For example: Event Name = travis-success-pr, Event Name = travis-failed-pr and Event Name = travis-failed-branch

  • Then – whatever you like. For actions with text ingredients use following:

    • Value1 – Author of the pull-request

    • Value2 – Link to pull-request

    • Value3 – Link to the travis check

    and for checks of stable branch:

    • Value1 – Name of the branch

    • Value2 – Name of the repo

    • Value3 – Link to the travis check

Travis settings

  • Update .travis.yml to get a notification in lambda when travis check is finished. You can configure either always notify on failure or only when previous check was successful. Check Travis Documentation for details:

  • Look it for example:

            on_failure: change
          - ""