Sync Studio

You need to integrate system we haven't made yet? Don't worry!

Sync Studio is designed to easily create new integration

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Easy to prototype

Construct your integration with simple building blocks:

  • Parameter — something you want to change easily
  • Button — an action you want to do manually (e.g. make initial setup)
  • Cron — an action that runs automatically with a specific schedule (every night, every hour, etc.)
  • DB Handler — to make an action that runs rungs after specific operation on database (new lead is created, new message is posted, product price is changed, stock adjustment is confirmed, etc.)
  • Webhook — to process notification from external service

Easy to code

Odoo developers are provided with tools to write and debug the scripts:

  • Split logic into separates Tasks (e.g. fetch Leads from external system; push updated stock information into external system)
  • Share Common code across different tasks (e.g. a function that converts name into first name and last name)
  • Secure base code in Evaluation context to log all information uploaded to external system


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Easy to maintain

Odoo Administrators have all needed control:

  • Set Parameter Values
  • Check Logs grouped by tasks
  • Update Code



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