Review bot for GitHub

This github bot posts review of pull-requests with odoo modules: list of updated files (installable and non-installable), new features to test (according to doc/changelog.rst file)

Create AWS Lambda function

Create lambda function with following settings:

  • Runtime

    Use Python 3.6

  • Environment variables

  • Trigger

    Use API Gateway. Once you configure it and save, you will see API endpoint under Api Gateway details section. Use option Open

    Now register the URL as webhook at github: Use following webhook settings:

    • Payload URL – the URL

    • Content Type: application/json

    • Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?Let me select individual events and then select [x] Pull request

  • Function Code

    • Use this commands:

      mkdir /tmp/github-review-bot
      cd /tmp/github-review-bot
      pip3 install pyGithub -t .
      zip -r /tmp/ *
    • Then set Code Entry type to Upload a .zip file and select the created zip file

  • Basic settings

    • Change time running function to 50 sec – Timeout (default 3 sec)



  • TODO: Deleted files should be listed with tag [DELETED]

  • TODO: Renamed files should be listed with tag [RENAMED from path/to/original-file] (for new files) and [RENAMED] (for original place of the file)

  • TODO: New modules (e.g. root didn’t exist) should be marked with tag [NEW], e.g. ├─ [NEW] pos_debt_notebook/

  • TODO: Ported modules (installable attribute is changed from False to True) should be marked with tag [PORT], e.g. ├─ [PORT] pos_debt_notebook/

  • Updating review doesn’t work without write access to the repo: github API returns 404. See