Notifications to Telegram Group

In this example we make a bot, that will send notifications to telegram group on new issues. You can slightly change the script to use other type of events.

Telegram Bot

  • In telegram client open BotFather

  • Send /newbot command to create a new bot

  • Follow instruction to set bot name and get bot token

  • Keep your token secure and store safely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot

Telegram Group

Add created bot to the group, where it will send notifications

You will need Group ID. To get one, temporarly add Get My ID bot to the group.


Add following secrets

  • TELEGRAM_TOKEN – bot token

  • TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID – Group ID. Normally, it’s negative integer

Github Actions

Create .github/workflows/main.yml file (you can also use [Set up a workflow yourself] button at Actions tab of the repository page)

name: Telegram Notifications

    types: [opened, reopened, deleted, closed]


    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

    - name: Send notifications to Telegram
      run: curl -s -X POST${{ secrets.TELEGRAM_TOKEN }}/sendMessage -d chat_id=${{ secrets.TELEGRAM_CHAT_ID }} -d text="${MESSAGE}" >> /dev/null
        MESSAGE: "Issue ${{ github.event.action }}: \n${{ github.event.issue.html_url }}"

Try it out

  • Create new issue

  • RESULT: bot sends a notification