Emulation barcode

Barcode scanner connected with computer work as keyboard. E.g. after scanning send sequence of symbols as if fast typing on the keyboard.

Emulation via OS

Install xdotool app if you haven’t it yet.

sudo apt-get install xdotool

Emulation scanning barcode:

sleep 3 && xdotool type 1234567890128 &

or so:

sleep 3 && xdotool type 3333333333338 &

Where: 3 - sleep seconds; 3333333333338 - barcode.

After successfully scanning you will see ‘3333333333338’ in the command line. If toggle to other window that symbols appear in the input field in the this window. So we can send sequence in the app as if we scanning it.

Emulation via browser

Open browser console (e.g. via F12 button) and type (this doesn’t work for form inputs):

odoo.__DEBUG__.services['web.core'].bus.trigger('barcode_scanned', '1234567890128', $('.web_client')[0])