ESC/POS printer emulation


  • apply patch

    cd /path/to/odoo/
    # odoo 10
    curl > hw_escpos.patch
    # odoo 9
    curl > hw_escpos.patch
    git apply hw_escpos.patch
  • install hw_escpos on odoo

  • run a separate odoo with following args:

    -d DB_WITH_HW_ESCPOS --db-filter=DB_WITH_HW_ESCPOS --xmlrpc-port=8888 --workers=0
  • in new terminal run

tail -f /tmp/printer

On printing:

  • some binary data is sent to /tmp/printer

  • odoo prints logs with unparsed data


At any database (including one on runbot as well as database where you have installed hw_escpos):

  • set Receipt printer checkbox in pos.config and set ip equal to

  • open POS interface


    for some reason printer emulation doesn’t work in debug mode

  • print ticket