Paypal testing

To test paypal payments you need to:

  • Create developer account

  • Add seller and buyer in developer sandbox

  • Configure odoo

  • Directly testing

Create developer account

Go to and create new account.

Add seller and buyer

  • Go to Dashboard->Sand box->Accounts. Create business (seller) and personal (buyer) accounts. It’s recommended to don’t use non-ascii symbols in account information (address, name etc.)

  • Add some money to buyer (type amount in according field).

  • Go to and login as seller. May be you will be forced to apply unconfirmed ssl certificate.

  • Go to Profile.

  • Copy protected seller code.

Configure odoo

  • Install payment_paypal module

  • Go to Settings->Payments->Payments->Paypal.

  • Pres Edit.

  • Enter here Paypal Email ID - it is seller account.

  • Enter Paypal Merchant ID - paste protected seller code.

  • Set price list currency same as in paypal account.

Directly testing

Open web shop. Buy some goods and pay with paypal. When you will be redirected on paypal page use buyer login and password.