How to run tests

Use following parameters when you start odoo:

  • --test-enable


  • -i $MODULE

  • --workers=0

js tests

To run tests with phantomjs tests you also need:

Docker users

You don’t need to remove docker container to run test. You can run it in a separate container

  • don’t worry about name for new container – just use --rm arg

  • No need to expose ports

So, to run tests with docker:

  • use an odoo database which has required modules installed (otherwise it will test all dependencies too)

  • OPTIONAL: stop main odoo container, but keep db container

  • run new container, e.g.:

    docker run --rm --link $DB_CONTAINER:db \
    -v /something/at/host:/something/at/container \
    itprojectsllc/install-odoo:$ODOO_BRANCH-dev \
    -- \
    --test-enable \
    --workers=0 \
    -i $MODULE